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Welcome to Babbler Fish!

Translation is our passion. Many people consider translating boring and uninteresting occupation. However, they underestimate how exciting work with words can be. The Word is mighty and a well-chosen one can make all the difference – between success and failure. A minor typo can destroy the best of projects. In 1962, a small error in the computer code for the Venus-bound Mariner-1 spacecraft cost NASA $80 million. As a report noted, Mariner-1 was destroyed by the most expensive hyphen in history. We at the Babbler Fish Translation Agency value your achievements, in which no detail is too small. And so we will not let, a small leak sink a great ship.

- Wishing you every success, The Babbler Fish team
Who we are?
Babbler Fish Translations Services is a dynamic team dedicated to exceeding client expectations! We have already proven that, beyond translation, we are first and foremost partners – pursuing the same goals and challenges as our customers. Secure – companies, government agencies and many individuals trust us to fully respect client confidentiality.
What we do?
Babbler Fish Translation Services specialises in three core languages: Azerbaijani, English and Russian, and our translations between these languages ​​are crafted to perfection. This is because every assignment is subject to a stringent quality control process:
  • Translation
  • Semantic verification against the original
  • Stylistic editing
  • Proofreading
  • Layout, ensuring the file is an exact match with the original
How we do this?
Language is a living thing. We can feel it changing. Parts of it become old: they drop off and are forgotten. New pieces bud out, spread into leaves, and become big branches, proliferating – the classicist Gilbert Highet. Besides, the same phrase in a different language can have a completely different meaning. A top quality translation demands much more than transposing individual words. Thus it will be years before a computer captures the finest shades of meaning and refracts them in the light of context, or selects the most appropriate synonym, as an experienced human does.
According to topic, different aspects of the translation process come into play.
When the client’s priority is imaginative or attractive language, we always endeavour to:
  • Convey accurately the meaning of the original text
  • Comply with context
  • Use speech patterns familiar to the target audience (in marketing and advertisement texts)
  • Ensure a smooth translation.
As a result, the final text appears as if created in the target language, not a translation.
When translating technical, legal and financial texts there is greater focus on:
  • Accuracy of translation
  • Applying appropriate specialist terminology (insurance, oil & gas, aviation, finance etc.)
  • Clarity, free of ambiguity
  • Maintaining original lay out (of blue prints, tables, graphs etc)

Why us? -We


How we achieve quality

We strive for the best quality!
Poor quality has a higher cost than getting it right
Attraction and retention of the best experts
  • Rigorous selection of translators
  • Good staff motivation scheme
  • Attracting native speakers
Large projects on time
  • Using advanced translation support software
  • Ensuring consistent terminology throughout large projects
  • Access to extensive terminology database
Quality control
  • Three level working process
  • Constant quality monitoring
Responsive Customer service
  • Accessible 7 days per week
  • Comprehensive linguistic advice
  • Quick turnaround


Written translation
Editing, proofreading, layout
Translation of audio tracks and subtitles
Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services. Provision of simultaneous interpretation equipment if necessary.
Notarisation of documents. For corporate customers only.
Other language-related services:
  • glossography
  • moderation and monitoring services in different languages for social networks
  • copywriting (writing of advertising, presentational texts)
  • testing candidate translators

We appreciate their commitment to quality, sound team working skills and total professionalism allowing delivery of translation projects well done and on time.

- Gafarov K.
Customer Business Controller
Nokia Solutions and Networks Baku

Babbler Fish’s translators demonstrated a particularly keen command of the technical component in Azeri, Russian and English languages.

- Piriyev N.N.
Member of the Board
Azerbaijan Methanol Company

Babbler Fish displayed well-coordinated teamwork, were adaptable to the demands of deadlines and provided an exceptional level of service.

- Fiona Richards
Senior Manager, Ceremonies Publications
Baku-2015 Operation Committee

Overall we rate performance of this vendor as “excellent” and confidently recommend them as fully competent supplier.

- Inara Guliyeva
Chief Representative
Branch of HP in Azerbaijan

They always provide excellent service, always get back to you, and accept any request, even rush jobs on the shortest notice (30 min.).

- Vasif Mammadov
Country Manager
TRACERCO Azerbaijan Base

No editing is ever needed for their deliverables, which saves us a lot of time and enables us to give high-quality service to our clients.

Lana Lyapina


Since our establishment we have translated more than 1,500,000 words – a figure that is constantly growing. This happens when quantity is paired with quality.
To name a few of our successfully completed translation projects:
  • Translation of the Translation of the "Schools That Deliver" book by John Edwards and Bill Martin for school teachers
  • Translation for Baku-2017 Islamic Solidarity GamesTranslation for Baku-2017 Islamic Solidarity Games
  • Translation for IV Baku International Theatre ConferenceTranslation for IV Baku International Theatre Conference
  • Translation of T-shirts and Suits. A guide to the Business of Creativity book by David Parrish into AzeriTranslation of T-shirts and Suits. A guide to the Business of Creativity book by David Parrish into Azeri
  • Azeri subtitles for Sing Street filmAzeri subtitles for Sing Street film
  • 2013

Translation into five languages of a book dedicated to Azerbaijan academician Shafayat Mehdiyev2013

    Translation into five languages of a book dedicated to Azerbaijan academician Shafayat Mehdiyev
  • 2014

Translation of speeches for the International Conference The Fight Against Corruption2014

    Translation of speeches for the International Conference The Fight Against Corruption
  • 2012

Translation of set of operation manuals for petrochemical plant AzMeCo2012

    Translation of set of operation manuals for petrochemical plant AzMeCo
  • 2011

Translation and interpreting at “Efficient fundraising. International and local markets”2011

    Translation and interpreting at “Efficient fundraising. International and local markets”
  • 2014-2015

Translation of publications dedicated to First European Games Baku2015.2014-2015

    Translation of publications dedicated to First European Games Baku2015.
  • 2015

Cooperation with “YARAT!” Contemparary Art Space2015

    Cooperation with “YARAT!” Contemparary Art Space


To determine the cost of translation we consider:
Urgency of order
Terms of payment
Native speaker involvement*
Type of translation**

*Editing by a native speaker ensures full compliance with the norms and standards of the target language, as well as a natural target text.

**Choice of the type of translation depends on the purpose of the original document. If it is intended for a wide audience, we recommend High Quality Translation. If the document is required for personal or internal corporate use, Business Translation will be sufficient.

High Quality Translation
High Quality Translation is suggested for business documentation defining a company’s image in the local market and specialised texts that require accuracy and consistency meeting the accepted norms and standards of the particular area.
High Quality Translation is conducted in three stages which include:

1. translation by professional translator
2. editing by highly qualified professional editor
3. final proofreading and layout.

The professional editor compares the text with the original, checks that it is adequate and that the terminology used is correct and consistent. He corrects stylistic errors and ensures consistency.
The proofreader checks the text for grammar, spelling mistakes and ensures accuracy in numbering, measuring units, abbreviations, tables of contents etc.

Business Translation
Business Translation is appropriate for personal and internal use.
The process of translation is reduced to two stages

1. translation
2. subsequent revision by a proofreader.

This type of translation does not include editorial revision. The translation is checked by a proofreader, who checks the text for punctuation, grammar and spelling errors.

For a detailed proposal, please contact us at office@babfish.az or ask our online operator.

Damn fine cup of coffee…

Best read with a cup of coffee in hand.
It is well known that nothing enriches our mind, soul and … vocabulary like reading. A rich vocabulary features prominently in the portrait of a good translator and is the main weapon in the arsenal of an experienced editor in constant search of compromise between beauty and accuracy.
Translators often joke, Translation is like a woman: if it is faithful, it is not beautiful, if it is beautiful, it is not faithful. So we try to find time for reading and thought in the midst of life’s sprint. Here we share articles written by our translators and editors as well as impressions of books that are ideally suited for reading with a damn fine cup of coffee in hand.
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